Broadband Internet Provider Basics

broadband internet providerBroadband Internet is awesome when it works, capable of moving mountains of digital data with seemingly no effort.  Despite the seemingly magic ability of the Internet to move these mountains of data, the basic person really has no deeper understanding of their broadband Internet provider and how they function than they do of gravity.  Sure, you do not have to know enough to send a man to the moon in order to live, but it certainly helps if you want to really understand how the world around you works.  Similarly, understanding the basics of your broadband Internet provider could be the key to getting exactly what you want at a very fair price point.

Your Broadband Internet Provider Is Your Friend, But Also a Business

Most people tend to take one approach or another when considering their broadband Internet provider.  Either the company is a cold-hearted, calculating, maniacal corporate giant that wants only to dominate the market, or they are a bunch of really good people.  The fact is that both are probably the case and a few experiences with a salesperson and/or tech support rep are likely to have shaped your opinion in this regard more than anything else.

Broadband internet service providers are very complex companies, and they are often just components of much larger companies.  The fact is that the Internet is the perfect tool for moving massive quantities of data of all types, so companies that specialize as broadband providers are also likely to branch into very related fields that help them make a return on their investment in networking components, engineers, work crews, lobbyists, and so on.  All of these things cost money, and of course the companies want to get their money back and even make money by operating their network.

The easiest way to accomplish this is to offer all the great services that you might want that can be delivered digitally over their network.  This often means digital telephone (VoIP) services, digital cable, and more.  It may also mean partnering with the competition to stunt their growth.  For example, many telecom and cable giants are partnering with wireless carriers in order to avoid having wireless offer true rival services required to gain market momentum.

How Your Broadband Internet Provider Views You

This might seem like a strange way to look at things, but the fact of the matter is that your broadband provider is going to look at you a lot like you are an investment!  How are you an investment?  Well, you spend money on their services every month and it took money to meet you.  That’s right, your provider spent a great deal of advertising revenue just to meet you, and of course to get you to sign on the dotted line.  Simply put, you are an investment from their point of view.

How does knowing that you are an investment really help you?  The answer is fairly clear: you get to toss your weight around, but only to the point that you become a loss.  For example, you might ask your broadband Internet service provider for a discount and they might oblige because it keeps you coming back to them and actually makes you happy to be paying them, even if they do get a few dollars less than they would otherwise have received.  Of course they may try to convince you to save more by buying more, and that may not necessarily be a bad idea so long as you are getting what you want out of the arrangement.  Remember, this is not a one way street and never should be.  Like any good arrangement, this should involve both give and take.

Broadband Internet Providers Do Not Operate In a Vacuum

Your broadband Internet provider knows that they are not operating in a vacuum or alone on an island.  You have choices.  This is why your broadband Internet service provider offers you more than just high speed Internet plans.  If they do not, they know that another company probably will.  This has created a sort of digital Cold War where providers are constantly trying to find different ways to entice customers and cut the competition off.  Playing on these fears when discussing rates may be all it takes to get a manager or someone with authority to help reduce your monthly bill.