Broadband Internet Provider Secrets

broadband internet providerYour broadband Internet provider has many secrets that they will not share with you, and not just the technical kind!  Your broadband Internet provider is positively riddled with secrets to the point that if you knew all of them, you would consider the firm to be paranoid!  Here is what your broadband Internet provider knows and does not want you to know:

What Your Broadband Internet Provider Fears

More than anything your broadband Internet provider fears competition.  Competition is great for you, but not so great for margins.  Competition can come from anywhere to, and if you do not believe that then take a step back in history before looking at the present and future again.  Back in the early 1990s nobody thought of the Internet as anything but something telecoms provided or at least serviced because everyone used analog modems at the time.  The idea that telecoms would have an exclusive hold on the Internet seems as absurd to us today as the idea that cable companies would try to challenge telecoms was in the mid to late 1990s.

Time has shown us that compete the two sides did, and to great effect.  So, what kind of new competition does your broadband Internet provider face?  How about rivals from wireless carriers, your utility company, and even fiber optic upstarts that leverage some of the core networking technology that forms the backbone of the Internet.

Fiber Optics May Not be Far Away, Even from Your DSL or Cable Company

Of course, fiber optics are not exclusive just to companies selling fiber optics directly to consumers.  Even though DSL and cable companies have been lobbying to make life hard for anyone trying to break into the fiber to the property business, they have been quietly building out their networks in preparation for the day that some new law or consumer demand kicks down the barrier keeping fiber optics out of the homes and businesses of most Americans.  Until then, every single day generates more return on investment in metal wires already laid in the ground and strung throughout the internals of properties around the country.

Yet, when that day does come, your broadband Internet provider is likely to show amazing alacrity in offering fiber optic connections to the masses in order to win a new gold rush for consumer dollars.

You Are a Valuable Resource to your Broadband Internet Provider

Your broadband Internet provider spent a great deal of advertising money to meet you, and it will take many years of loyalty to repay that investment.  You leaving early is one of the things that your broadband Internet provider fears most, and if you do not believe it then look at your early termination fees.

Most Broadband Internet Providers Have Other Things to Offer

If your broadband Internet provider does not offer some key service and a discount on that bundled offering that the competition has, you might flee to the other side.  Your broadband Internet provider knows this and are probably just one arm of a much larger company with several offerings designed to win and earn your loyalty on an ongoing basis.

Your Broadband Internet Provider is Not Alone in the Dark

As previously mentioned, your broadband Internet provider knows full well that they are not the only game in town.  This means that if someone else joins the competition for your consumer loyalty or offers something new, your provider is likely to respond in kind.  You can even see numerous examples of pre-empting this advance in order to curb the competition, such as how many broadband Internet providers are now offering cell phones in their bundles in order to keep you far away from those portable 4G modems!  The last thing they want is for you realize just how broad and wide the competitive field is growing.

Your Broadband Internet Provider Probably Has Friends

Since competition is the name of the game, your broadband Internet provider is busy making all sorts of new friends that they can buddy up with.  You should check with your broadband Internet provider before signing up for anything, even gyms!  You might be surprised just who your broadband Internet provider has partnered up with!